Learn the Healing Secrets of Nature with Kaitlyn Keyt

Kaitlyn Keyt, 5 time Visionary Awarded Inventor, Speaker, and the creator of VibesUP, a resource for Vibrational Energy Education and Tools. She is referred to as an intuitive Scientist who feels common sense and our inner voice are the way back to tapping into our inner genius.

She communicates with Nature for answers to the big questions in Life and believes wisdom can be fun and simple. Journey with Kaitlyn as she explains how science and magic have now come full circle to explain each other in ways that we can apply to our everyday lives.


November 18th, 2014

Susan Allan’s Heartspace™ Program for Peace, Love, Joy

On this call you will learn how to:

  • Live in your Heartspace™ at all times
  • Attract your heart’s desire with Inner Peace
  • Raise your vibration and live in peace
  • Master the 6 Part Process and experience of lifetime of cooperation
  • Dream BIG and have your dreams come true

Susan-Allen Susan Allan is a renowned teacher and life coach, offering Heartspace™ peace-making skills worldwide. These unique skills have been offered for the last 15 years so that students may learn to create joyous peaceful communication within all relationships, cultures and religions, even in war-torn marriages and families. With her 6 Part Conversation© only one person is required to create peace, love, joy, intimacy and cooperation in any relationship. Her reconciliation system, How to Avoid Divorce© has been 100% successful when even one partner masters and uses these skills.

Susan Allan is the Executive Producer and on-air host of Evolution Revolution TV and she has been a bimonthly guest on Compassionate Connection TV for 8 years. She has appeared as a guest expert on hundreds of television and radio news programs including Fox News, and The Montel Williams Show. Millions have received training through Susan Allan’s websites. Susan’s Ask The Divorce Coach© column appears at Parent to Parent and for the last 9 years her Ask The Love and Relationship Coach column has appeared at Santa Barbara Family Life Magazine. Allan’s most loved trainings include The 6 Part Conversation©; The 7 Stages of Life©; The Plateaus of Peace©; Goal-reaching© Skills; and she is the author of 3 EBooks.




November 13th, 2014

Time: 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern /12am GMT

How to Be the Music of Your Soul

On this call you will experience live music created for:

  • Opening to the Music of Your Soul
  • Activating Coherence (Alignment)
  • Gaining a Greater Experience of Your Own Soul

jim-oliverMulti-keyboardist Jim Oliver is an Emmy Award winning musician, dynamic performer, composer of more than 3500 hours of transformational healing music. Jim brings forth unique combinations of sustained tones, melodic notes and chords that speak to the soul and expand one’s consciousness. Jim’s music is a beautiful blend of art and science that is at once relaxing and rejuvenating. Calming yet intellectually energizing. Jim is passionate about helping people heal and experience transformation through the power of sound. His music invites the human spirit to remember how truly awesome it is. Jim’s music can help to restore balance and harmony to the body, mind, spirit and emotions and integrates cellular healing. Each person will have their own unique experience of Jim’s music and you will immediately feel the transformative power of the music.

Jim’s beautiful and soulful music has been found to encourage healings in body, mind, spirit and emotions for people from all over the world. He is a recognized musician on the World Puja Network, and has played in the United Nations Church Center and touches the hearts of people globally. He has created amazing music with and for Kenji Kumara and many, many others. His wonderfully popular Live Streaming Music Meditations attract listeners from all over the world.

Jim’s state-of-the-art studio includes: 17 keyboards; synthesizers, soft-synths, digital samplers, vintage Moog analog keyboard synthesizers, Moog Taurus bass pedals, Hammond B3 organ w/Leslie 122 speaker, “unlimited” tracks of MIDI and digital audio recording, digital audio editing, automated mixing, SMPTE time code sync, CD and DVD/A surround mixing and mastering, and CD & DVD burning.

Free 8 Minute Demo:

The Mystery of Love




November 11th, 2014

Flex Your Happiness Muscle Without Breaking A Sweat!



Growing up in small town Canada, the son of a Psychologist and Social Worker, Jeff has always displayed a passion for helping others.

He was one of the youngest people in North America to be certified as a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming at the age of 15.

He studied psychology and at the University of Windsor for 4 years before becoming is a clinical hypnotherapist and licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and a World Renowned expert in brainwave entrainment and brainwave stimulation.

Jeff published author, writing his first book in 1999 with his most recent contribution “The Secret Skill” appearing in “Adventures in Manifesting” Success and Spirituality.

Jeff is the creator top selling products such as the Perfect Sleep System, The Achievement Blueprint, Goal Factory and Brain Fitness for Busy People.

Having created nearly 100 acclaimed meditation and brainwave programs, it’s no surprise that Jeffrey is considered by today’s top thought leaders as the leading creator and innovator of brainwave stimulation technology.

Jeff has created several unique and proprietary technologies that continue to revolutionize the field of brainwave entrainment and personal development.




 Download Passive Brain Fitness Free!


November 4th, 2014

Achieve Vitality, Excitement, & Connection with Julie Renee’s Quantum Activations

On this call we will discuss:

  • Have you been lacking that skip in your step or missing that song in your heart? Well it’s time to get it back! Julie Renee will do a live activation to improve your vitality and clean up the cobwebs that trap your dynamic energy causing you to feel depressed and in a ‘funk’.
  • Are you bringing in enough money and are you able to hold onto it once you’ve brought it in? Are you obsessive about the way you handle money? Julie Renee will also do an incredible wealth clearing that is sure to get you in the right money space so you can revel in abundance and have loads of fun doing so!
  • Julie Renee will share her thoughts on how to clear funky entanglements from the past and will also give us tips on how to focus on full self expression and how to create a life of balance.

Julie-Renee-DoeringJulie Renee is the 100% Healthy Life EXPERT. She mentors ambitious women leaders who refuse to play small but are being held back by exhaustion and fuzzy brain to regenerate their brain and play full out again.

After launching her first business from her tiny San Francisco studio apartment in 1993, she has prevailed over the worst of human health challenges from multiple cancers, life in a wheelchair and literally surviving death. She is the author of the groundbreaking book Your Divine Human Blueprint. Her unique gift of healing defines the energy-science of Cellular Quantum Mechanics. What that means in laymen’s terms is she has defined the way to regenerate the body from the cells on up and does it with ease.

Recognized for leadership, given the 2010/11 National Association of Professional Women’s Woman of the Year Award and received Powerful Women International’s Global Leadership Award in 2012. And most recently recognized with Big Money Speakers community award.

Julie Renee has been featured as an expert in CBS, Unity FM, Rock Star Radio, Blog Talk, Align, Live 365, Low Down, Raw, LA Talk Live, Spirit Seeker, 11:11 magazine and on TV including New Age Healing and a Forum on Spirituality and Television. Julie Renee has also been a featured writer for Spirit Seeker, Holistic Fashionista and Accomplish magazines. She has both stage and film credits, is a harpist and singer. She Currently Hosts the program, 100% You! On Blog Talk Radio.

An expert meditation instructor, she shares the hidden secrets of regeneration and renewal through meditation and techniques using quantum energy. With her transformational game changing skills she provides an integrated fast track for manifesting, holding, and growing abundance, health, beauty, and wealth.






Expirience Life Shifting Lemurian Healings


  During this call, you will:

  • Feel loved and cared for
  • Feel the Sacred within your Being more strongly
  • Experience more connection and integration within your own being
  • Move more deeply into your heart space
  • Experience a great increase in nurturing, loving and soothing energy within
  • Open to a greater feeling of unity and wholeness within yourself and humanity

Sanra-AlworthSanRa is a voice channel for Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, Lemurian Priestess Circle of 13 and other Beings of Light. She combines energy healing and hypnotherapy techniques to help clients reach a deeper level of being for transformation of personal difficulties and increased spiritual awareness.

She is a Certified Hypnotherapist and is trained in Reiki and Johrei and has developed healing techniques of her own. SanRa has been doing spiritual healing work with clients for over 25 years. She works with spiritual guidance from Angels, Ascended Masters, Lemurian Priestesses, Star Energies and Councils of Light throughout the Universe. She is dedicated to helping humanity and planet earth move forward on their spiritual paths.



Creating Your Fifth Dimensional Future, with Archangel Michael


Ronna is internationally known as a messenger for Archangel Michael. His messages of hope and inspiration through Ronna have been featured in hundreds of New Age, inspirational and spiritual publications around the world, and they have been translated into most major languages.

Ronna’s extensive corporate background helped prepare her for her second career as an inspirational teacher, lecturer and author. She teaches a common sense approach to the basic principles of spirituality: respect yourself and others; treat others as you wish to be treated; practice visualization, focused thought, energized emotion, and right action to create joy, peace and an abundant life. Thousands of people testify that her books and seminars have changed their lives for the better.

Ronna’s spiritual search began in the early 70s, and after much intense study and training, she began a second career as a spiritual teacher and counselor. She overcame many obstacles along the way: personal losses of all kinds, illness, doubts and fear. These down-to-earth experiences and tempering give Ronna’s teachings a dose of realness and believability.

Ronna is a positive role model for women because of her strong yet warm and nurturing qualities. Men and women alike resonate with her work because of how profoundly it uplifts and helps them to attain their life’s goals. They are inspired to move forward in the Light by Ronna’s loving example of service, and by the messages that come through her. Those who have attended her seminars and/or webinar classes receive valuable tools to assist them to move to the next level of their spiritual growth.



Experiencing Waves of Fulfillment


bill-farberBill has devoted four decades of his life to inner development through meditation and other spiritual practices. In 1989 he embarked on his path of energy healing through his training with a Chinese Chi Gong Master.

He became a Reiki Master in 1990 and has done thousands of sessions as well as taught many classes over the years to people from all walks of life.

In 2010 Bill received a series of deep insights which resulted in his creating the ENERGY WAVE ALIGNMENT PROGRAM.  The Energy Waves are a very powerful but gentle transmissions of Life Energy which are effective with one on one, group, remote, and even recorded sessions. Since that time, Bill has provided sessions for people and groups around the world with remarkable success. The Energy Waves produce transformative and beneficial effects in every area of life, Many transformational teachers, healers, and professionals from all different fields rely on Bill’s work  as a fundamental part of their well being and success.

The Energy Waves have a unique and remarkable ability to deliver to each recipient exactly what is needed in the moment. This is true regardless of how many are in the group, or whether it is in person or at a distance, or even whether it is live or through a recording! Bill is a pure conduit for the Waves, and their purity and  innate intelligence are unmistakable.

Bill is also an attorney and corporate executive, and has integrated his thriving energy practice into his life as a businessman and family man. He has been married  for 43 years and has two wonderful adult children.



September 16th, 2014

Illumined Transcendence Into Timelessness

What you will learn on this call:

  • Where do you need to go to express quantum shifting? 
  • Why are you suffering? 
  • Where are you giving away your power? 
Potential Benefits, On-Going
  • Release from chronic worry and stressing out 
  • Clearer mind and mental focus from distractions 
  • More joy-filled meditations, prayers and yoga practice 
  • More fulfillment of your heart space 
  • Healthier mind-body connection 
  • More self love and love towards others 
  • Being a more clear and perfect channel 
  • Unexpected miracles, and much more


Kenji Kumara is one of the world’s leading visionaries and pioneers in the field of energy consciousness. He works as a transformational messenger, reaching and guiding people from every corner of the globe to New-Earth Consciousness and personal and planetary ascension.  The results have been profound with many who’ve overcome major difficulties, others experience deep transformations and consciousness shifts effortlessly with Kenji’s style of ease and grace.

Known for his unique ability to guide people into meditations and profound activations he keeps it simple and effortless as the doorways to source connection are opened, the I AM God self is present and in a gentle loving manner people are shifted into higher-awareness and self-mastery. It has been his personal joy to help people understand their life’s purpose and claim their true destiny.

One of Kenji’s main focuses is in the art of receiving, the art of knowing and the art of Be-ing. He is available through his new website, live-activation retreats, live-online workshops and live-steaming immersion events. He shares the “Joy of Awakening with the World” with those who are ready to receive and be in Eternal Peace in every fiber and cell of their Being.