September 23rd, 2014

Time: 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern / 12am GMT

Manifesting Infinite Abundance


Victor Da Ponte is a visionary whose soul purpose is to help humanity awaken to their Divine Power to transcend the illusion of lack, limitation and separation. With over 20 years of spiritual practice and healing service, he is known internationally for his profound healing gift to remotely shift people out of their limitations – even while they sleep.  Victor’s unique gift has attracted clients that include some of the top leaders, coaches, and healers in the consciousness movement today.

Through several profound life experiences Victor’s Divine Vibrational Gifts were awakened and continue to expand daily. In 2011, a powerful inner voice transmitted a mind-shattering realization, which essentially said: “Stop creating your limitations, they don’t exist! Wake up! You are beyond all thoughts, beyond all concept and beyond all understanding – stop believing anything less than this.”

This transmission gifted Victor with the Voice and Command of the “I AM,” which gave birth to Quantum Reprogramming, a revolutionary way to shift others beyond the illusion of lack, limitation and separation. Miracles and magic are all but a daily part of life; as beliefs and thoughts are transformed, his clients shift into whole new realities of health, wealth and abundance.

Victor’s message is simple: we are infinitely powerful beings who create our own reality and the only thing that truly exists is infinite love. The mission is to awaken as many people as possible and shift beyond the third dimensional reality and co-create a heavenly reality through Lens of Love and Light.

On this call you will learn:

  • How To Command Your Unlimited Abundance
  • Awakening The Heart Of Abundance
  • Aligning To The Abundance Of Unconditional Love For Manifesting Your Dreams
  • Commanding The Infinite Potentiality That You Are






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