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Integration and Expression of the Universe Through You

This is a unique time, a whole new paradigm, and a whole new level of light-beingness and vibrancy, where physical and material form is constantly metamorphosizing, metastasizing and changing over its own vibratorial levels to work, function and play in a whole different array of unfoldments via all the changes happening within and for you, and around you, to let yourself begin to become accessible and the receiver of all of creation and of yourself; the rest of the levels of yourself that are now igniting, becoming unveiled and coming to life.

This package will assist you in constantly being and feeling at home – everywhere in a body on a planet. You will begin to experience and run through an in-depth level of understanding, of why you have been feeling the way you have been feeling for eons; and moving into having all of it physically, mentally and emotionally start to make more sense for you, to where you can absolutely let every facet, on every level, in every direction, be cleared out, resolved and dissolved eminently.

You will see and feel so much more vibrantness, heightenedness and so much more clarity within your life and the outside world. You will be feeling, receiving and getting so much more from life, due to the lack of an unnecessary battle with oneself for a place to fit and belong within a body on a planet.

This special offer package includes 11 hours of HD video (.mov) and audio (.mp3) digital recordings of William’s presentations.

The Topics Include and Are Not Limited To:

  • How to live and be in high energy, lightness and vibrancy in all situations and scenarios without reluctancy.
  • How to let the manifest realm work for you while letting yourself be embraced through it.
  • How to overcome perceived challenges while letting constant clarity and vibrancy happen for you with ease and grace – without fear or conflicts with oneself or others.
  • What is a divine relationship? Why was a divine relationship created? How to fully express within a relationship without bounds.
  • How to become a constant instrument of divinity while becoming more vibrant and free of denseness and self-doubt; i.e., seeing constant results in all areas of your life.
  • How to let the Universe take command and come into your life to create for you with ease and begin to show you all that can and will be available and given; i.e. life without bounds.

A $285 Value

Yours For Just $97


Downloaded the mastery class and it is absolutely priceless.  I live in Canada, travel the world and in Berlin, Germany at the moment. To participate in this class and reach out for the assistance provided through Will and Mary is a joy beyond….

What a blast when Will comes right through the computer.  So Merry Christmas to every one and thank you for the gifts through all of you. Will be on the webcast on Sunday, yeahh.


Christine Douglas

Dear Will,

What a blessing it is to have you as a teacher!   You are amazing!   I thank you for joining us on earth during this time.   And for the gifts that you share with us to help us make our journey that much more of a blast! Will, you have shown and continue to shine your profound love upon us all and we are so very blessed!   I hope one day to have the pleasure of meeting both you and Mary.  I need to experience your amazing love and energy in person.

What a journey these past eight months have been for me!  You have taught us many practical and very powerful tools.   I have implemented many of them into my life.  These days I find myself getting out a lot more.  Truly wanting to be with brother humanity.  Several months earlier I had spent most of my time isolated not wanting to feel the drain that I so often felt when I was in public spaces.  This is a big shift for me!  Now I go out to public spaces and am energized.  One of my favorite hangouts is Starbucks!  There I get to hang out and play with brother humanity.  I have also found a new sense of freedom in which I am embracing all that presents and walking thru the doors that present.  It truly is amazing! For years I have been a very anal perfectionist.  Everything needed to be planned out.  But I missed so much as a result. Going with the flow and doing things spontaneously was unheard of.   Imagine that!  Thank you for guiding me so that I wake up every day looking forward to all that awaits me.   I look forward to reading your book.

A big hug! Light, Love and Laughter,


Mike, Mary, Will,

I think this is a GRAND opportunity for us to apply what has been coming to us to the reality we have created for ourselves through this program and realize like Will has said many times “This is you coming into you”.  This is my lifetime to fully and completely remember who and what I am and I have definitely given myself a very dense set of circumstances to honor that and thank the God I am I also gave myself the absence of the victim mentality.   I would like to share, just for the sake of the comradery, some time with you all, my adventure.   Now is not the time, but when Will was presented to me a couple of years ago through a u-tube, there was a frustration in me that, “I was getting frustrated with”.  I have read all the books, listened to all the CD’s, but never gone anywhere to hear anyone, never taken a course etc., let my life remind me of what is happening and realized I was going for the gold this go round.  As I have spiraled around and around and become more and more conscious through one level after another and come to the realization of what I really am, I became aware that it was time to integrate all that I had remembered from the beginning of my existence into this marriage in myself.  Will and his and Mary’s marriage embody and live the unity that I know we all are and living from moment to moment in that wordless, undescribable, knowingness, that I have kind of known all along and resisted, that I have processed quite enough and just make the decision to just let it happen.  I still hold back but some of the most tiny details in what Will says and does helps me to allow the openness to the very core of me “to underneath where the soul flies there is no fear”.  This is the first so called “program” I’ve ever done and I see it more like a friendship or apprenticeship of sorts.  I am my own “guru” maybe to much that at times, and “just letting it all happen” is what I am remembering in the All That Is that it “really is all OK” and honestly living in that.  So, yes, I feel this is just another example that Will is giving for us to go with the flow of our own knowingness.   Releasing the need for this program will bring it back in January in a new light.

Love to all and I most definitely will have a BLAST!

Mary Burnett


Hi Mary,

What a fantastic journey these past eight months have been during the Mastery Program.   I thank you for all the behind the scenes work that you did in order to make this program possible and successful!!!  I thank you for being part of the group energy that enabled us to expand and be so much more than we ever imagined!  I look forward to meeting both you and Will at some future date. Your love is amazing!  Appreciate it if you could share the below note with Will.

A big hug! Love, Light and Laughter,


A $285 Value

Yours For Just $97