Colby Wilk’s Special Offer

$847.00 $97.00


Upgrade Your Consciousness and Heal through Spirit
with Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer

Shift at the core and discover a new level of well being.  Leave behind physical and emotional dysfunction by releasing false limitations.  Each audio course consists of energetic transmissions, activations, healing and energetic practices.  Develop a more profound relationship with higher realms and a new level of wellness can be yours. 

With Colby’s package you will:

  • Learn how to shift your energetic field and feel better instantly, anytime, anywhere
  • Bring yourself into greater love with you 
  • Practical energetic skills to increase your sense of safety
  • Call in the energy of purpose and feel into your destiny’s path
  • Access your fairy helpers and gain their perspective on your challenges
  • Bring your best self forward by learning how to alter your state of consciousness
  • Feel the support of your helpers and receive guidance
  • Activate your super healing powers and be more connected to the entirety of your being
  • Become a match to what you desire and increase your ability to receive
  • Align with the Divine to bring optimal health and well being