August 28th, 2014

Deep Work For Essential Change

Richard-MossRichard Moss is an internationally respected leader in the field of inner transformation, subtle body-mind dynamics, and living a path of conscious relationships.

In 1977 Richard was a practicing medical doctor when he experienced a spontaneous spiritual illumination that awakened him to the multi-dimensional nature of human consciousness. This realization profoundly transformed his understanding of the roots of emotional suffering, and inspired him to explore the almost limitless human potential for growth and healing.

Impelled by this opening, he released the practice of medicine to devote his life to mentoring individuals and couples whose lives have brought them to the point where they hunger to explore the mystery of their being. Whether called to his work by their soul’s yearning to awaken and grow, or impelled by a health, career, or relationship crisis, his comprehensive and evolutionary approach to healing and forging loving relationships has transformed the lives of tens of thousands of people.

He is particularly renowned for the innovative, experiential nature of his workshops and longer retreats that offer individuals direct experience of life-changing states of consciousness and provide them with very effective models and practices for on-going personal growth.

He guides seminars and retreats in North and South America, Europe, and Australia, and is available for private mentoring for individuals at his home in Colorado. He has published 7 seminal books on his visionary approach to human evolution which have been translated into 6 languages




August 26th, 2014

Transforming Catalysts With Sufi Healing

sandra-croweSandra Crowe, a leading thinker in the arenas of dealing with difficult people and situations has used her expertise in the government and corporate managerial world to extract practical application and meaningful solutions in the most challenging workplace and personal scenarios.

She is a professional Sufi Healer, speaker, coach, and transformational facilitator. Having given over 2300 seminars in the past twenty some years, she uses her people, public speaking, and communications skills to create awareness of ineffective behaviors and to document solutions.

She facilitates processes that promote group cohesion and performance; identify and resolve conflict; enable focused decision-making; and, assist productive group briefings and discussions. Bottom Line: She redirects behavior toward more uplifting interactions between and for people.

She holds a B.A. Degree with Honors from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in International Studies and an M.A. in Applied Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is a certified MBTI(Myers Briggs Type Indicator) practitioner and a certified ontological coach from The Newfield Group as well as a Professionally Certified Coach from the International Coaching Federation. A former guest instructor at Montgomery College, she has also been an active member of the Federal Training Officers’ Conference, and the National Capital Speaker’s Association.

She founded a communications/networking specialty company called “Powerlunch” which has been written up in both, The Washington Post and The New York Times as well as the book Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. In addition, she has hosted her own television show called “Stress Busters” which was broadcast weekly on Washington, D.C. Cable Television and has been featured on the TV shows “To Tell the Truth” and the CBS morning news.




August 21st, 2014

Stages of Awakening


Bill Bauman, Ph.D. is a noted trainer, speaker, motivator, and empowerer of people. He has worked as a psychotherapist, psychological consultant, seminar leader, business entrepreneur, peace advocate, and spiritual visionary of life’s possibilities. Through decades of inspiring presentations, seminars, workshops, classes, retreats, and counseling, he has brought a dynamic message of hope and an excitement about life’s possibilities into our shared human consciousness.

Bill was a Roman Catholic priest in the 1960s, a practicing psychologist and psychological consultant in the 1970s and 1980s, a business leader and consultant throughout the 1980s and 1990s, a spiritual leader since the 1980s, a leader in the peace movement throughout the 1990s, and continues to be an inspiring holistic empowerer of people.

With a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, an M.A. in Theology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Bill embraces life from a broad perspective and expansive vision. Thousands of people have attended Bill’s seminars on personal empowerment, dynamic leadership, love and relationships, spiritual growth, and empowered healing—which he has led nationally and internationally since the early 1980s. He has conducted 300 growth-oriented seminars and workshops, with 60 to 250 participants at each event. Bill has also given hundreds of presentations to groups in size from 40 to 3,000 people. He has maintained a private practice of counseling, therapy, consulting, and coaching.

As a participant in this talk/interview, you will:

  • Experience your vast and loving Spirit as accessible and magical
  • Open yourself to a beyond-linear, Light-level connection with your Spirit
  • Realize how devoted, loving and bonded with you your Spirit is
  • Witness your humanity receiving loving blessings and gifts from your Spirit
  • Become one with your Spirit in an integration of your divine/human self
  • Experience  your own Spirit coming alive in your very own human nature


August 19th, 2014

Health Beyond Belief


John-NewtonIn the 1980’s, although John had a successful career in the highly competitive field of professional acting, he concurrently followed a deeper calling: To help individuals enjoy profound physical and emotional health—and to experience the Truth of who they are.

John has studied and practiced healing techniques around the world, but after an ‘awakening’ in his twenties, John was able to enter the gap between thoughts at will and for extended periods. It is in this state that John affects well being by removing the negative content and burdens not only from our life but from our entire ancestral lineage.

Spiritual leaders and philosophers have been telling us for thousands of years that we carry the imprint of our ancestors. In the last decade, science has been validating this by acknowledging epigenomes: Sequences of amino acids that attach to our DNA and store ancestral trauma, adversity and limitation.

John’s work allows people to live free of these imprints and experiencea dramatic increase in physical, emotional, spiritual and financial well-being. John has witnessed many “wake-up” to their true and eternal nature, consciousness itself – and be free of suffering.

John currently works in hospitals in Southern California including The Betty Ford Center in their Pain Management program. He also travels and teaches his techniques to health care professionals and those wanting to make a difference in their own life as well as their family and community.




August 14th, 2014

Sacred Activations For Relationships

TarmraOviattTamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane energetic modality.   She is an author, energy worker, professional speaker and teacher who trains advanced energy workers to use SA in their professional practice. Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems.

Tamra’s ultimate mission is world peace. She will accomplish this by helping others plug into the unconditional love of pure source energy and the activation of the soul presence.  Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is, and works with many of the unseen ascended masters, angels, lords and light beings to help raise our vibrations to joy and love.




August 12th, 2014

Animals and Ascension

Animal Communication & Telepathy and

LIVE Energy Healing for Ourselves and Our Animal Companions

lori-spagnaLori Spagna is perhaps most well known for her recognition of the Animal~Human connection in terms of how animals mirror their human’s behavioral, physical and emotional tendencies and for her programs that focus on the interconnectedness of all beings.

With over 20 years of experience serving humans and animals around the world offering seminars and workshops on how we can improve our lives by learning from animals, Lori has become an internationally recognized expert, speaker, author, Visionary, Light-worker, Intuitive and Healer for both 4 and 2-legged creatures.

Lori also leads powerful manifestation and healing circles where she connects people and animals to their true power via The Universal Source and activates Dormant DNA, thus allowing them to shift their consciousness and live their best lives ever.




Can Light from the Sun and Stars Heal Us? Remote Scalar Energy Healing

tom-paladinoTom Paladino’s research and work with the scalar energy, began during his undergraduate years. He was inspired by various scientists, i.e., Hieronymus, Moray, Priore’ and especially Nikola Tesla, as to the existence of an energy that is not of the electromagnetic spectrum. With this inspiration, he pursued a course of independent study in order to better understand and subsequently harness scalar energy.

Scalar energy is also known as prana, chi, radiant energy, zero point energy, qi, orgone, eloptic. After years of experimentation and modification, Tom Paladino has developed a technique using scalar energy that will transmute pathogens quickly and painlessly. This technique facilitates the use of photographs of people who desire to have pathogens transmuted in their bodies.

Tom Paladino developed a treatment process whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. Once the causative agent of a pathogen disease has been eliminated the symptoms associated with that infection decrease or disappear altogether.

Recent discoveries as of March, 2012, led Tom Paladino to the conclusion that viruses can likewise be transmuted by this process of broadcasting scalar energy. Emboldened by these discoveries, he desires to present the world with the cure for ALL bacterial, fungal, protozoan and viral infections. It is his belief and statement that the scalar energy is capable of transmuting ALL pathogens thus
presenting the world with the CURE for thousands of pathogenic diseases.



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Stepping into the Miracle Zone



What if there was no need to choose between your spiritual path and earthly fulfillment?  What if by focusing on your own divine spirit within could lead you to experiencing more love, joy and prosperity? 

If you feel some energy and excitement about these possibilities, join the conversation.  You can expect an experiential exploration with high frequency clearing transmissions, and an opportunity to support and be supported by kindred spirits.

Background:  Jacklyn Johnston, the Founder and Host of You Awakening, came to this role after directing human resources development in banking on Wall Street.  A series of profound experiences led to deep metaphysical study, energy mastery and eventually ordination and certification to offer spiritual counseling.  Since 1996, she has maintained a private practice, offering energy-based interventions in the form of coaching, healing and consulting.  Since 2004, this expanded to teaching classes and leading spiritual journeys to accelerate and support personal growth and transformation.




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August 7th, 2014




Darren Linton was selected by Spirit and the angels many years ago to help spread the light and love of the angels. He has spent the last 15 years helping people around the world to connect with their angels, to learn how to talk with their angels and the archangels, and receive inspiring messages, healing, help and guidance. Darren has helped thousands of people in over 50 countries around the world to connect with the angels. It is his passion and joy to help people connect with the angels, archangels and the divine, and improve their lives, find their true path, fulfil their potential, and use their passion and gifts to help others and the world.

Helping people to connect and receive divine guidance, magic and miracles, can transform their own lives for the better, and help them to make a difference to others and the earth. The angels, archangels, masters and higher realms of light are here to help bring love, light, joy, abundance, happiness and miracles into our lives, to help us and the planet. Building your connections with them can bring positive changes for you and others.

Darren offers courses, sessions, books, and meditations world-wide, and runs regular workshops and retreats. He also regularly gives interviews on local and international radio, and has appeared on the BBCs ‘Big Questions’ discussing angels. He is a qualified Reiki Healer, Trainer, Consultant, Divine Channel, Angel Teacher, and Life Purpose Coach.

Growing numbers of people are interested in the angels and the archangels these days. Many call on them for assistance and ask for help, but how can you learn to HEAR their answers and messages for you, and receive their loving and powerful healing and energies?

During this informative and illuminating talk Darren will:

  • Discuss how the archangels can help us all
  • Introduce you to the 8 most common archangels, their different roles, and explain which ones you should call upon
  • Provide examples of how working with archangels has helped to enhance and transform people’s lives
  • Discuss the different ways that we can link with the archangels
  • Call upon the archangels to link with you and bless your life
  • Conduct a powerful meditation that will give you the opportunity to connect with the archangels and experience receiving healing and messages from the archangels for yourself
  • Discuss how you can permanently link with the archangels, learn to talk with them, and receive ongoing help, messages, guidance, healing and messages, to enhance your life, and those of others (such as family, friends and clients)

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August 5th, 2014

Awakening to (True) You: Experience that
which you are beyond the “Me”.


bill-farberBill has devoted four decades of his life to inner development through meditation and other spiritual practices. In 1989 he embarked on his path of energy healing through his training with a Chinese Chi Gong Master.

He became a Reiki Master in 1990 and has done thousands of sessions as well as taught many classes over the years to people from all walks of life.

In 2010 Bill received a series of deep insights which resulted in his creating the ENERGY WAVE ALIGNMENT PROGRAM.  The Energy Waves are a very powerful but gentle transmissions of Life Energy which are effective with one on one, group, remote, and even recorded sessions. Since that time, Bill has provided sessions for people and groups around the world with remarkable success. The Energy Waves produce transformative and beneficial effects in every area of life, Many transformational teachers, healers, and professionals from all different fields rely on Bill’s work  as a fundamental part of their well being and success.

The Energy Waves have a unique and remarkable ability to deliver to each recipient exactly what is needed in the moment. This is true regardless of how many are in the group, or whether it is in person or at a distance, or even whether it is live or through a recording! Bill is a pure conduit for the Waves, and their purity and  innate intelligence are unmistakable.

Bill is also an attorney and corporate executive, and has integrated his thriving energy practice into his life as a businessman and family man. He has been married  for 43 years and has two wonderful adult children.




July 31st, 2014

Ready to Experience a New Octave of Consciousness?

On this call you will learn:

  1. Receive a transmission that opens you into a new way of being, feeling and living.
  2. Gain greater understanding about what’s happening in the world in this time of great change.
  3. Discover how to open into true lightness and freedom.
  4. The role of our animal companions in this transition.

anamikaBorn in New York with the gift of an energy transmission of love, Anamika began her exploration of consciousness in early childhood.

In all aspects of her work, which initiates leaps in consciousness, she shares her personal discoveries. With compassion, humor, and keen understanding, she makes the processes of integrating and enlightening easily accessible.

Anamika’s background is multi-disciplinary: metaphysics, psychology, music and the performing arts, the sciences, and French. She earned her B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, and after completing a non-traditional Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University, graduated from the four-year healing arts program at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing.

An international workshop leader and author, she has appeared on many television and radio shows and has been guiding people for over 35 years.


July 29th, 2014

Sacred Activations For Health

TarmraOviattTamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane energetic modality.   She is an author, energy worker, professional speaker and teacher who trains advanced energy workers to use SA in their professional practice. Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems. Tamra’s ultimate mission is world peace. She will accomplish this by helping others plug into the unconditional love of pure source energy and the activation of the soul presence.  Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is, and works with many of the unseen ascended masters, angels, lords and light beings to help raise our vibrations to joy and love.




July 17th, 2014

How to use your energy fields to transform your life and shift your consciousness.

aleya-daoAleya Dao a Licensed Acupuncturist in Colorado, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico, a sound healer, energy practitioner, spiritual guide, Reiki Master, and a Craniosacral Therapist.

She began her journey as a healer at a young age. In 1993 at the age of 21 she graduated from the Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon and began my private practice. In 1994 she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English from Lewis and Clark College.

In 1997 she graduated with a Master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from The Southwest Acupuncture School in Santa Fe, New Mexico and moved to Telluride, Colorado where she started an Acupuncture practice.

In 2001 she had an enlightenment experience that enabled me to work with people at a much deeper level. That same year she started the first holistic clinic in Telluride known as The Healing Company.

In 2003 Aleya opened an energy healing practice in Santa Barbara, CA and in Clovis, CA.

She has the ability to see the unseen. Her mastery is in having the capacity to perceive why people have created specific situations in their lives and what they are attempting to learn from these circumstances.

She has an international Private Practice and have offices in Clovis and Carpinteria, California.

She teaches all over the country inspiring and guiding individuals and groups into greater degrees of empowerment, abundance, and health.

She lives blissfully with her husband DOUG NOLL, and her dog Freckles, in Carpinteria, CA and also in our home in the Sierra Nevada.




July 15th, 2014

Spirits, Ancestors, Big Brother…who is effecting your choices?

Wanna make a shift? Let’s PLAY!

Would You like to:
  • have more energy?
  • clear toxic memories and patterns?
  • experience more freedom?

carolanneanselmoCarolanne is a dedicated intuitive spiritual scientist. As an energy healing mentor and teacher, she is focused on healing and manifestation through the energy of the heart. Her mission is to bring energy healing to the main stream because she knows that this is the time that everyone is capable of igniting self-empowerment! She shares with you a map for full spectrum vibrational energy healing.

Here is how it all started…

Divine Time: Carolanne was diagnosed with over twenty auto-immune diseases. From the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to the University of Florida’s Shan’s Hospital, over 12 surgeries, over 70 medications and supplements, while trying to raise two toddlers, she had enough! Knowing intuitively that there was a way to eliminate illness, she decided to dip into some alternative medicine. After many failed attempts, she almost gave up when serendipitously; she met an amazing woman at her children’s gymnastics class who was holding a healing book. Carolanne asked about it and they decided to meet for a healing. To their surprise and delight, they lived a block away from each other! They sat together and witnessed a healing from the energy of the heart. Three days later, Carolanne’s entire life changed. With her strong will to heal, an awakening began to unfold. Depression and anxiety instantly lifted as she saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  Within a couple of months, she was off most of her medications, half the supplements and a powerful complete healing occurred as the symptoms vanished with test results that held the proof in the pudding! Her amazing healing was so profound that she began a journey in helping others to reap the benefits of energy healing through H.E.A.L. – Healing Energy And Learning.

Her passion is to clearly teach energy healing from the vibration of love and truth, to witness real transformations in people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As a global speaker and teacher she has taught thousands to use the HEAL Technique including doctors in eastern, western and alternative medicine.  She has also taught people from all over the world how to match vibrations and open their intuitive gifts that is unique to each individual’s perfect design.  She has a special talent of finding shortcuts to making energy healing easy to learn. Working side by side with small companies to large million dollar cooperation’s, she has assisted in shifting the energy to new level s of awareness creating remarkable individual and collective achievements. There are many tools in her tool belt and they continue to shift and grow as consciousness awakens!  Carolanne loves teaching from the HEART and developed the H.E.A.L. Technique to help you find the truth and balance inside of you that you have been waiting to know!

A simple shift in your energetic vibration can radically transform your whole life.




July 10th, 2014

Abundant You

TarmraOviattTamra Oviatt is the founder of Sacred Activations (SA), a seventh plane energetic modality.   She is an author, energy worker, professional speaker and teacher who trains advanced energy workers to use SA in their professional practice. Her work empowers others to align with their life purpose by clearing thousands of cultural, religious, and collective consciousness belief systems. Tamra’s ultimate mission is world peace. She will accomplish this by helping others plug into the unconditional love of pure source energy and the activation of the soul presence.  Tamra was given the knowledge of the Sacred Activations by the Creator of all that is, and works with many of the unseen ascended masters, angels, lords and light beings to help raise our vibrations to joy and love.




July 8th, 2014

Becoming a Miracle Magnet

  • Learn how you can get into the miracle zone, and create your own miracles. 
  • Experience a powerful and transforming energy transmission to open the way.
  • Learn a simple process to activate miracles in your own life.

emmanuel-daglerWhen Emmanuel was two years old, his mother heard him say something that caught her off guard. “Love is all there is,” Emmanuel quietly shared in his shy little voice. Having no idea where he may have picked up a statement like this, Emmanuel’s mother asked him to repeat it again to make sure what she heard was correct. After repeating the same statement again several times, Emmanuel’s mom recognized that something magical was emerging, and felt in her heart that one day it would reveal itself.

In just a short 10 years, Emmanuel Dagher has had the humble honor of co-creating profound expansion with thousands around the world. Emmanuel serves as an Expansion Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive & Humanitarian whose priority is to reconnect those who are ready back to their greatest potential. Emmanuel is also a #1 International Best Selling Author which has expanded the message of love and empowerment he is so passionate about to go global!

Emmanuel has witnessed extraordinary transformations – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The outcome of collaborating with Emmanuel usually results in greater love, personal freedom, higher consciousness, and an overall sense of well-being.

Emmanuel has dedicated his life to serving humanity, and has fine tuned his gifts & abilities so that every client he supports leaves feeling fully seen, loved & transformed.

With a background in Spiritual Psychology combined with his natural intuitive abilities & having received a plethora of advanced certifications in holistic and alternative healing therapies, Emmanuel loves sharing it all with those who are available to receiving it.

Emmanuel works with people of all backgrounds from the next door neighbor to world diplomats, visionaries & large audiences. Some of the greatest healers & luminaries themselves turn to Emmanuel for support, healing & guidance.



July 2nd, 2014

Reacquainting you with You!

Veils are lifting, in this the Sacred time of Light and Love upon Earth. The moments have come for the great realisation of who YOU are.

Through Light Language transmissions, messages from Spirit, Sacred Sounds and Ancient Songs your soul consciousness will be ignited to remember who you are, where you have come from, why you are here, the reason for ALL.

Victoria-of-LightVictoria of Light is a Naturopathic Consultant, Medical Intuitive, Healer and Channel of Light, Spirit and Sound based in Wellington, New Zealand.

In her daily work she conducts private healing sessions globally.  In recent years it has been shown that all is possible and in her consultations she brings her clients to their potential – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Spirit gave Victoria a directive 8 years ago “to make a sound” and then “now are the words”, at which time Sacred Sounds and Light Languages flowed through her.  She had never experienced or known of Light Languages or sound channelling prior to that moment.

Now many languages and Ancient Songs are transmitted through her including Hebrew, Aramaic and Ancient Egyptian Pharonic Languages. 

Victoria presents events internationally and is the facilitator of Sacred Journeys of Light and Love to Ancient Lands of our souls. 

She is the Author of “Sacred Scriptures of Love” and has a number of recordings featuring her Sacred Sounds, Light Languages and Ancient Songs gifted whilst visiting sites of sacredity.  Her gifts have been taken to 17 countries.  Victoria’s gifts, her book and recordings are here to assist us in awakening the soul encodement in these sacred times on Earth, to remind you who you are, your holy mission and prepare you for your ascension to the Nirvanic Paradise.

Bonus To You Awakening Listeners: Sacred Sounds

Sound/energy transmissions to unlock the encodement of your soul.

Click here to download the Sacred Sounds Recordings - Duration: 20:57