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Love, Joy, Freedom and Prosperity?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live life from the inside out, manifesting your greatest fulfillment?

What if you could …

  • Release the Fears that Block Success…
  • Discover Your True Passion…
  • Align with Your Own Inner Truth…
  • Create Your Dream Life…

Learn the Secrets to Greater Fulfillment in Life:

  • Inspiring stories of real life people who experienced breakdown, breakthrough and discovery of powerful processes you too can use;
  • True wisdom from some of the greatest thought leaders of the global transformation and evolution movement; and
  • Powerful healing and transformation frequencies from some of the most effective experts on the planet.

Each show will include at least one powerful process for you to experience directly; that’s a promise. Some shows will include special take away bonuses, and many will provide the opportunity for some participants to get help with specific issues.

Your Participation is Valued:

Come help us build a global platform for healing and transformation while awakening to your own freedom and joy.


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If you are looking for deep, profound transformation, look no further. Jacklyn will guide you to Self Awakening while holding space with her beautiful and nurturing energy!


Eram Saeed,
Founder, Global Telesummit From Heartache to Joy, Dallas, TX


Jacklyn Johnston is your tour guide for other dimensions. She can pierce the veil of illusion and bring you to the other side.


Tom Silverman,
Founder, Tommy Boy Music, New York, NY

*DISCLAIMER: You Awakening has a 30 day guarantee refund policy for digital product. To honor the time and expertise of our guest speakers, we do not offer a refund after a personal session has already been received, or the first class of a series has been offered.